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Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

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  • Lazy S Kennels is located 40 miles north of Ft Worth, Texas. We started breeding labs in 1995 with the goal of providing an intelligent and calm temperment. Labs that can meet any need and be a perfect family pet. We sell only quality, AKC certified Labrador retrievers in white, yellow, chocolate, and black.


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Happy, Healthy Bloodline


Your Baby will have had his or her first set of shots before you take them home. Puppies need a set of shots every three weeks starting 6 weeks old. Then continue under the direction of Vet every three weeks until they are 18 weeks old.  We began a  worm prevention program at two weeks old and every two weeks until the puppy is adopted. Ask your Vet for his or her recommendation for a worm prevention program

A Furever Friend


 Labrador retrievers are athletic dogs.  They have thick, smooth fur that can be white, yellow, chocolate, or black.  They have a double coat which is waterproof.  That’s why they are such great hunting dogs.  Black labs used to be the favorite, but yellow and whites have now become the most popular.  These dogs are obedient, loyal, non-aggressive, intelligent, friendly, and responsive. They are great with children, other dogs and household pets.    They do need plenty of excersice and TRAINING, so they need a family that can keep them active.  They are usually very hardy dogs, but some of their health issues can be hip dysplasia, arthritis, skin allergies, and PRA (Progressive Retinol Atrophy). However, quality bloodlines help reduce health risks. 

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

Lazy S Kennels

4466 Old Denton Hwy Decatur, TX 76234 US

(940) 393-5460

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